GEI Administration Control Panel

May 2013

GEI negotiates MOU for 20 acre site in Western, PA for 100 MW fuel cell power plant with dedicated natural gas well supply. Natural gas well site will allow GEI to sell power through attractive Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA). GEI through its financing partner will be able to also provide capital funding for PPA projects worldwide.

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"It was love at first sight!"

Our vision of what GEI will become in the future is a global supplier of energy solutions to meet the world's need for efficient zero emission power systems. GEI intends to leverage its market advantage in the commercial trucking fuel cell APU industry to provide fuel cell energy solutions for developing countries that leverage renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and bio fuels. Through utilizing renewable energy sources, fuel cells can become an economical source of power, heat, and water and can contribute rapidly toward the improvement of economic, health, agricultural, and social conditions for the 60% of the world's population without affordable and plentiful power.

Fuel cell technology has a potential for rural electrification both in the U.S. and for developing countries. This technology would allow the use of renewable energy around the clock regardless of location. The opportunity exists to electrify 2.1 billion people without electricity. For example, providing electricity at the village level can result in vaccinations, refrigeration, water pumps for fresh well water, Internet connections, cellular phone towers, and with computers available for a few hundred dollars could link children from around the globe. Village farmers could study on-line for better irrigation methods, understand weather patterns and communicate with experts world-wide regarding numerous local social, economic, and agricultural issues.

Towards accomplishing GEI's philanthropy vision, we will donate fuel cell power systems to under-developed coutries  and provide systems to meet emergency energy needs world-wide. For only through serving the world community in which we live, can we all work together to save such endangered species as the African Rain Frog to the left from the impending impact of global warming.

"By the end of the day, we were promising him the world!"