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August 2014
The upcoming feature will highlight the company’s role in new efficient energy technology.

Boca Raton FL, August 12, 2014 — With the growing focus on fuel cells as a primary energy source for the future, GEI Global Energy Corp. will be the subject of special coverage on 21st Century Television, airing on Bloomberg Worldwide (as pd. prog.) and Fox Business Network (as pd. prog).

The CEO of GEI, Dr. K.J. Berry, commented, “We are pleased and proud that the energy market, and the financial markets in general, are taking note of our major advances in the fuel cell and energy market. This exposure will allow the public to see the encouraging contribution GEI is making to an energy-secure future.”

GEI GLOBAL ENERGY CORP was originally founded in 2007 as a spin-off of a private company focused on fuel cell technologies. The company is publicly traded on the OTC markets and other trading platforms.

The Fuel Cell and Sustainable/Alternative Energy industry is increasingly seen as a major part of the world’s energy future. Fuel cells provide a number of advantages over traditional sources of energy and are both highly efficient and environmentally sensitive.

Dr. Berry added his perspective in saying, “We’re excited that GEI is a source of encouraging news on the vital issues affecting our energy future.”

Vice President of Programming for 21st Century Television JL Haber agreed with Dr. Berry in commenting, “Our viewers turn to us to keep track of the innovative solutions provided by such companies as GEI Global Energy Copr. We’re excited to play a role in bringing news of this company’s advances to the general public.”


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Today the fuel cell market is primarily focused on the production of alternative energy solutions for voltage specific application requirements. Typically each fuel cell power system is designed for a specific application. The result is high costs for both manufacturers and consumers attempting to acquire such technology. This situation is analogous to purchasing software programs with each program requiring a proprietary operating system. This scenario would certainly not contribute to the global commercialization of the computer software industry. Or, alternatively consider purchasing say an Eveready battery that can only be used within a flashlight? Once again, such restrictions would not lead to wide-spread commercialization opportunities.

power electronics x5

GEI is focused on developing the latest innovation in fuel cell based auxiliary power systems design, i.e. variable electronic power controllers to address the markets’ ever growing application requirements and which provide a standardized interface to increase the application use of each fuel cell produced. The schematic diagram (left) shows the GEI X5 smart power electronics solution which decouples the application from the fuel cell stack over a large range of application currents and voltages. As such, a single fuel cell stack can meet the varying voltage needs of different applications. For traditional systems, a different application would necessitate different hardware and expensive recurring engineering cost. Additionally, the GEI X5 provides concurrent output power for multiple applications with different voltages which operate independently.

Our GEI X5 solution provides a patented “Smart Fuel Cell Power Electronics” architecture interface allowing manufacturers and consumers the ability to dynamically assign the fuel cell power and electrical current to variable DC/AC output channels and control the power levels independently amongst the assigned channels. The output power may be configured through a CANBus or RS232 connection which implies user control through a laptop, PDA, or other wireless or internet connection.

Additionally, the GEI X5 input power source need not be a fuel cell, buy may also be another DC power source input such as wind or solar energy. Or the input may be a combination of fuel cells and other distributed generation sources.

Effectively, the GEI X5 power platform reduces engineering and manufacturing costs by providing fuel cell stack manufacturers standardized interfaces that are application independent over a wide range of voltage and power requirements. For consumers this means they now have the ability to acquire an affordable power infrastructure that meets a wide range of voltage applications for their home or business. Finally, with standardization and cost reductions, the consumer will be able to realize the benefits of clean energy, an abundance of power, and, an increased value proposition for their energy investment. The GEI X5 smart fuel cell power system, which includes a private labeled stack, blowers, pumps and other balance-of-plant components, along with GEI’s power electronics and software provide the ultimate in both power source flexibility and reliability for every application.

Our focus provides:

  1. A high degree of consumer satisfaction and flexibility,
  2. A reduced cost structure for fuel cell manufacturers and consumers,
  3. A flexible and scalable systems architecture that allows GEI to leverage a common platform for multiple applications without incurring re-engineering cost,
  4. A technology that grows the entire tier one/two global supply chain for fuel cell systems and components through high volume market applications, and therefore reducing component and system cost, and:
  5. A pathway to global commercialization to meet the emerging energy demands of developing countries.