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May 2013

GEI negotiates MOU for 20 acre site in Western, PA for 100 MW fuel cell power plant with dedicated natural gas well supply. Natural gas well site will allow GEI to sell power through attractive Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA). GEI through its financing partner will be able to also provide capital funding for PPA projects worldwide.

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The Importance of Commercialization Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 July 2008 03:35

orange2GEI is part of the Fuel Cell and Sustainable/Alternative Energy industry and has a target market that includes portable and on-board power generation applications requiring efficient, clean, near-zero emissions, and silent operations in the 2kW to 8kW nominal power range.


The Power of Innovation Print E-mail

Fuel Cell
Fuel cells have several advantages over current energy producing technologies. They are efficient, environmentally benign, fuel flexible, modular, scalable, have low and easy maintenance, and are adaptable to specialized applications.



Global Warming Print E-mail

GEI is a part of the Fuel Cell and Sustainable/Alternative Energy industry market that includes portable and on-board power generation.

Fuel Cells have existed since 1800's and have provided power to space program since 1950's.

Fuel cells provide a clean and pure source of energy with by-products of heat and water.

German Aerospace  presented the first manned airplane that can start and fly exclusively with a fuel cell. The technology is based on the high temperature CELTEC MEA's by BASF and employed by GEI.




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